The Story Of My Cat

From my last post you probably know about my cats I used to have 2 cats but sadly now i have 1. If you haven’t read that post go ahead and read the name of that post is My first post.So the story of Jimmy my missing cat.My family think he is dead but I don’t.We never Found out for sure if my cat Jimmy was dead.I think he is just missing or ran away?So anyway the day Jimmy went missing we me and my sister we younge.So me and my sister we FREAKING OUT!!!!! We went looking for him behind our house because behind our house is a forest with a VERY dangerous.So obviously we and my sister didn’t go near it but we looked at it to see if Jimmy got hurt there.But we didn’t see him.My other cat Hendrix was like what’s going on because his brother wasn’t home.Its not REALY a interesting story but I thought you guys should know.


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