Wrong Train

Hey guys even though this blog is meant to be about animals I have decided to tell real stories that have happened to me.A few years ago our family has got in touch with my AUNTY that I didnt even know looked like we decided to see her.But she DOSENT live near us so we would go on a train when I say a train I mean 3 trains.So we spent ages packing for this trip.We get on the 2nd train.Me and my sister and on the train and before we got on the train this man was like oh yeah this is the right train he looked like he worked their any way.There was a announce meant on the train saying we are almost at Scotland me and my sister and my mom LEG IT to the exit door (we wasn’t meant to be in Scotland) And my mom is the first one to get out of the train while me and my sister are still on the train the doors start to close.So my mom puts her arm in the door so the train DOSENT take off with me and my sister still on it!! And this lady who worked on the train comes up to my mom and says “remove your hand out the door” my mom said no because then the train will take off but we managed to get on track and see my AUNTY

bye animal lovers




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