What’s up with my cat?

Okay so my cat just started twitching so I thought he had a itch so I stroked him then I got a closer look then he woke up came on me started purring and got his claws and then he stopped stared at me.He was on me so I stroked him then he pushed me away walked off and is now silent was he dreaming or scared!!!


Alex and zoe part 3

Zoe’s diary

omg I have done something so dumb.Ok I’ll try to explain without bashing my face across a wall!Last night because I was still upset about Lola ditching me for Jessica.(Jessica makes people popular for friends) Any way didn’t do much studying more like non!!!! When i finally decide to study Alex is out grocery shopping at 10:30 AT NIGHT who does that…And she forgot to take her phone dumb idea AND THE INTERNET WAS OUT.Maybe I should of studied…I needed that answer to question 3 and Alex takes FOREVER when grocery shopping.so I thought she would have wrote it in her diary.Do you see where this is going.I look and I start reading about Alex and crush going to the movies! I didn’t know about this.Because I’m REALY bad at keeping secrets even when they are mine she found out!


Alex and Zoe part2

Alex’s diary

UGH ZOE!!!!! I can’t believe her SHE READ MY DIARY!!!!! Okay I’ll explain and I’ll try not to punch a wall!!!!!

It was 10:30 at night and I went grocery shopping don’t ask me why I went grocery shopping at 10:30. Zoe says she didn’t study for this test (which I can believe she didn’t leave the couch all weekend) and then she says the Internet went off and I left my phone at home (I did leave my phone at home)and she needed the answer to question 3.so she couldn’t call me she couldn’t  search it up so she decided maybe I wrote it in my DIARY UUUGGGHHHH!!!Then she says she accidentally reads my secret which is that I went to the movies with Matt (btw the popcorn was AMAZING) she reads that and realised it was my diary…Yeah I don’t believe her.

part 3 coming soon do you think Zoe was telling the truth?


Alex and Zoe

Alex’s diary

i can’t believe  Matt actually ask me out to the movies this Saturday IM SO HAPPY!!! Well Zoe isn’t!She is sobbing no BLOWING UP with tears right now.She is sat there watching pretty little liars and dumping her face in popcorn crying her eyes out.Ill explain Lola has ditched her! Any way there is a massive test to study for and she won’t move off that couch and won’t leave her popcorn.but I can’t wait for this test because I have studied a LOT! All because Matt asked me if he wanted to study with me so I said yes of course.but I feel terrible leaving Zoe ducking her head in a bowl of popcorn.But Matt…

Part 2 coming soon

Bye animal lovers



Blog Changes

Okay so this blog was gonna be about animals but i don’t REALY have any more stories to tell about Animals so I decided to do some fashion on this blog to!If anyone does read my blog I hope you like the changes

bye animal lovers xoxo


When I’m Bored

  •  I Guess what…IM BORED ugh literally right now I’m sat in my room staring at the ceiling UNTILL I realised I HAVE A BLOG NOW! So that’s where I am now.Yup pretty much.

These are some things i do when I’m bored and also guys yet again this blog post isn’t about animals…But if anyone is reading this comment bellow your favourite animal and your least favourite.okay let’s get in to diiiiiz

  1. Watch youtube…like who doesn’t
  2. MAKE A BLOG it’s a super cool way to pass time and is super fun to.
  3. or make a YouTube Chanel kinds like making a blog.
  4. Or clean your room…yeah it’s not fun but at least you will have happy parents right.
  5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.i bet you have a pile of homework due soon hmmmmmm I know you do don’t lie.
  6. Play video games.I LOVE playing video games to like who DOSENT
  7. Volunteer at a a pet shelter or a homeless shelter because your bored so you obviously have time

Or if you a little younger make a lemonade stand or sell stuff.

Okay bye animal lovers xoxo