Alex and Zoe part2

Alex’s diary

UGH ZOE!!!!! I can’t believe her SHE READ MY DIARY!!!!! Okay I’ll explain and I’ll try not to punch a wall!!!!!

It was 10:30 at night and I went grocery shopping don’t ask me why I went grocery shopping at 10:30. Zoe says she didn’t study for this test (which I can believe she didn’t leave the couch all weekend) and then she says the Internet went off and I left my phone at home (I did leave my phone at home)and she needed the answer to question she couldn’t call me she couldn’t  search it up so she decided maybe I wrote it in my DIARY UUUGGGHHHH!!!Then she says she accidentally reads my secret which is that I went to the movies with Matt (btw the popcorn was AMAZING) she reads that and realised it was my diary…Yeah I don’t believe her.

part 3 coming soon do you think Zoe was telling the truth?


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