When I’m Bored

  •  I Guess what…IM BORED ugh literally right now I’m sat in my room staring at the ceiling UNTILL I realised I HAVE A BLOG NOW! So that’s where I am now.Yup pretty much.

These are some things i do when I’m bored and also guys yet again this blog post isn’t about animals…But if anyone is reading this comment bellow your favourite animal and your least favourite.okay let’s get in to diiiiiz

  1. Watch youtube…like who doesn’t
  2. MAKE A BLOG it’s a super cool way to pass time and is super fun to.
  3. or make a YouTube Chanel kinds like making a blog.
  4. Or clean your room…yeah it’s not fun but at least you will have happy parents right.
  5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.i bet you have a pile of homework due soon hmmmmmm I know you do don’t lie.
  6. Play video games.I LOVE playing video games to like who DOSENT
  7. Volunteer at a a pet shelter or a homeless shelter because your bored so you obviously have time

Or if you a little younger make a lemonade stand or sell stuff.

Okay bye animal lovers xoxo


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