Alex and zoe part 3

Zoe’s diary

omg I have done something so dumb.Ok I’ll try to explain without bashing my face across a wall!Last night because I was still upset about Lola ditching me for Jessica.(Jessica makes people popular for friends) Any way didn’t do much studying more like non!!!! When i finally decide to study Alex is out grocery shopping at 10:30 AT NIGHT who does that…And she forgot to take her phone dumb idea AND THE INTERNET WAS OUT.Maybe I should of studied…I needed that answer to question 3 and Alex takes FOREVER when grocery I thought she would have wrote it in her diary.Do you see where this is going.I look and I start reading about Alex and crush going to the movies! I didn’t know about this.Because I’m REALY bad at keeping secrets even when they are mine she found out!


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